The Big Leap To The Other Side

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Not too long ago, I remember waking up each and every morning washing my face, brushing my teeth, then going to climb up and down a ladder for the next 10 hours, some days, even 16 hours. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed my job, but I did not enjoy the part where all I wanted to do was travel or be outside of my home country. I am from Canada, where the winters are brutally cold and usually mass amounts of snow are making things more difficult to do anything, yeah sure it’s pretty, but not for me.

I caught the travel bug when I took my first trip to the Dominican Republic with one of my best friends, we sat on a beach and enjoyed cocktails night and day for 2 weeks, it was amazing.
not too long after that I found myself in Costa Rica for a few months, now that was incredible, truly a beautiful place, living right by the beach. Again, a short time after that, I was going to the beautiful Caribbean Island of Cuba, in one year I went 4 times if I’m not mistaken. Also, Incredible, beautiful and booze filled.

One thing I started thinking about, each time I went to one of these places on “vacation” I found myself asking others and asking myself, what can I do to stay here longer, or stay here long term and travel or find work in these beautiful countries, where yes, there is no snow!
There has to be a way to do it, I mean there is no way I am the only person who thinks like this.
Turns out I wasn’t.

Fast-forward a little bit, I found my mind drawn to Thailand, as I have been for a while, but now it’s got me going crazy inside, literally every waking moment I am on YouTube, or online reading about Thailand. Again, I found myself wondering, how can I go to Thailand, and actually travel Thailand, not just go there for a couple of weeks on a vacation.
After hours of research and googling and googling and hours on YouTube watching travel vlogs.

I got it, I can teach English abroad, not just in Thailand, but anywhere once I get certified, which I add was quite easy. I am going to talk about that in full detail in another post coming up.
So here I am contacting a few different teaching agencies and also trying to find the right tefl program to complete and receive a tefl certificate, oh, and tefl means Teaching English as a Foreign Language. There are tons of companies that do offer the certification online and in classroom, but maybe only a few that are fully accepted world-wide and online.

So, I checked those 2 boxes, TEFL certificate, done. Teaching agency set up in Thailand to place me in a school once I arrive, done!
Wow this was easier than I thought. What next, oh guess I should book a flight as I needed to be in Thailand in like two and a half months from this time. Start buying some new gear for the adventure.
Booking a flight took a little while as I noticed every day prices changed up and down and all around. Finding accommodation is easy!  Finally found a great website and great prices. I will do another blog post will be shown all about this.

So there I was ready to go on my adventure, solo I might add. You know one thing I was happy about, I was actually doing it, for years some of my friends would say “Thailand this winter bro, let’s go” yeah that never ended up happening, it makes me laugh too because I still see a few of those posts pop up on my Facebook or Instagram in my memories. So, there I was, off to Thailand! Now I am writing this post two years later from Thailand.

I want to tell all of you reading this, if you want to do it, if you want to do something, like Nike says, just do it! If you keep waiting and waiting and say oh well, I have to do this and this first, maybe in a few months or maybe next year, you know what, you will say that forever.
If your dream is to travel to Thailand on a budget. Then do it, if your dream is to travel South East Asia for 3 months than go back home, do it. Whether you want to backpack Asia, or stay in luxurious hotels around Asia, all is possible, I mean depending on your money situation of course. Live, explore what the world has to offer you. If you do not want to just travel for a couple of months then go back home and work, there are hundreds of ways to earn an income while abroad.
I am going to go in-depth in another post about working abroad, and ways to make money while traveling.

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