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Thailand, also known as the land of smiles, if you have been to Thailand or plan to visit this wonderful country, you should be prepared for an eye-widening experience. With lush green jungles and mountain terrain and beautiful beaches. Thailand has some of the most beautiful landscapes ever to be seen. If you’re into photography, some of the island viewpoints offer some great views of the sea.

Thailand is one incredible country, with thousands of beautiful beaches, hundreds of tropical islands and millions and millions of amazing extremely nice people! During the day Thailand is extremely hot, I mean like walk outside your hotel and you are sweating within a few minutes. So, if you are planning on doing some exploring, whether it be hiking up a small mountain, visiting temples, or wandering around a city. You should be sure to bring a water bottle with you. Or if you are just wandering around the city or visiting temples, there are 7-eleven’s everywhere!! I mean everywhere! 

Maybe you are just going to be relaxing by the pool of your hotel resort, or chilling by the beach all day, pack some sunscreen, unless you have been in Thailand for a while, your skin is more than likely not used to the sun and how  it shines. 

       Koh Samet Island, Thailand

sunset chairs-min

Bang Saen Beach, Thailand

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Thailand Blog Posts

Visit Koh Chang Island

Visit Koh Chang Island in the province of Trat. This huge island offers accommodation for every budget, and more activities than you can find the time to do, waterfalls, kayaking, sandy beaches. Koh Chang has everything you could imagine to do on this adventure to this amazing island.

Koh Samet, A Small Island Paradise

Koh Samet may be a tiny island but it offers a ton of different things to do, its beautiful white sand beaches are a must see for anyone. This island is favoured for those living in Bangkok as the drive is only about 3 hours from the big city. Find out why this island is loved by many tourists.

A Short Trip To Bangkok

Bangkok is the most visited city in the whole world. If you have never been there, It can be easily overwhelming, bur you will soon see why it is the most visited city. Bangkok has any things to offer. You can stay busy from morning, until late at night, or the next morning if you fancy.

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