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So, you want to teach English abroad, but you’re not sure how to get started?
Don’t worry, you are now the first person to come to this conclusion. We’ve got the answers you are looking for to the questions you’ve got!!

This is going to be a straight forward easy to follow guide to get you in the right direction to teach English abroad. Teaching English abroad is an amazing experience it truly is, whether you a single person looking for a new adventure or even start a new career, maybe you are a couple looking to travel to somewhere tropical with palm trees and teach English to young learners. All of these things are possible.

The first thing you are going to need in order to teach English abroad is going to be a tefl certificate. Now the tefl certificate is a course you can do online from the comfort of your home at your own pace. There are different levels and lengths of courses. Now the online courses range from 120-hours to 320-hours. If you click here you will be redirected to one of the best tefl companies on the internet, internationally recognized, and I can say they have great customer service for any help you need while doing the course, I have completed a tefl course using this company.

Now that you have done some more research into the different courses you can complete in order to teach English abroad, where do you want to go, how do you find a job?
A simple google search or following this link can bring you to a tefl job board. With postings worldwide you really have the option to go anywhere.

Of course, you will be doing research on the different countries, and cities you want to teach in. keep in mind conversion rates for different salaries in each country.
China offers a very high salary for tefl teachers, and with a low cost of living there is definitely money to be made and saved. If you are looking at South East Asia, like Thailand, the salary is lower than that of china for someone starting out, but again the very low cost of living makes up for it, in comparison to your home country where you probably have a high salary but a high cost of living as well.

South East Asia has the beaches, the islands and the pure tropical surroundings, to make anyone want to go and teach English in Thailand. Most schools will assist you in visas and work permits, so keep this in mind when looking at job applications, because with no proper visa or work permit, guess what, you are working illegally in these countries. It is totally doable, many people do this as it’s not difficult to hop over to another nearby country for a visa run.

It sounds so exciting doesn’t it, it honestly is, I have been in your position, I have done all of this and found a great position in a city in Thailand so close to the beach, so yes life is good.
I am also going to talk about a completely different option, my favourite one!

Maybe you do want to teach English abroad, but maybe you don’t want to work with young children or adults face-to-face. This is very achievable. With teaching English Online, life is as easy as having a laptop, a head-set and good internet connection oh yes and your tefl certificate. Interested? Want to teach English online, have the freedom to travel around while still making a decent income from the comfort of your home, or hotel room. Mind you, you do need a quiet workplace so teaching out of a dormitory in a hostel will not cut it unfortunately.

There are many different companies to work for to teach English online. Below I am going to list just a few with links you can check out as well.

First Future: A wonderful company with outstanding support staff, and online platform, payments are guaranteed through PayPal, Payoneer or bank transfer. You can easily open the hours you are available to work and hope you get booked some of those open classes, or you can be put into something called a buy-out shift which is guaranteed hours each and every week with a guaranteed pay each and every month. Click here to check out the website and applying is super easy.

PalFish: PalFish is a great company with great pay and incentives. Oh, and you don’t even need a laptop, your smart phone or tablet is all that is needed as the company is strictly used as a mobile platform. Applying is extremely easy and fast and once you pass a mock class, you are ready to start earning money! You do need to be a native English speaker from Australia, US, UK, Canada, Ireland, or New Zealand. So if you are ready click here and follow the instructions to apply.
Guess what, if you are from the Philippines click here, all that is required is a tefl certificate.

*You may need to put in an invitation code as well, so here it is 78052422
**Use mobile device for clicking on the PalFish links

I hope everyone enjoyed this post and I hope that you received as much information as needed to teach English abroad, or become an online English teacher.
Below I am going to post some of the important links in-case you missed them up above!

I-to-I Tefl – Internationally recognized
Onlinetefl – Fully accredited and internationally recognized
Tefl job board – Job board with thousands of international job postings


Booking.com *use this link and receive 25 CAD after your stay*

Teach English Online
PalFish Phillipines

Again, I hope you all found this post informative and found the information you were looking for! Please feel free to like and share this to social media. Don’t forget to leave a comment with other recommendations you have for others to see. Any questions feel like getting more information, or interested in working together, do not hesitate to contact me!

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