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Laos is one incredible country, although it is completely landlocked, so unfortunately for the people looking for the beach, you will not find the sea around here. This beautiful country has a lot to offer though elsewhere from some beautiful temples of course, to high lush green mountain ranges, blue lagoons and crystal waterfalls. Come explore Laos and all it has to offer. 

The capital of Laos is Vientiane, the city is located very close to the Friendship Bridge border crossing between Thailand and Laos.
Laos has a variety of food, from western food in many shops and restaurants, and of course Asian cuisine. You can find Thai, Vietnamese, Laos and other Asian cuisine in this country, and it is all very tasty! 

The city of Vientiane offers some wonderful french colonial architecture around the city. This city is a big hub for backpackers as it is so close to the Thai border crossing, many tourists are in the city for just a short time, either for a Thai visa run, or looking to travel more north to the other more beautiful places of Laos. 

Vientiane Night Market

The night market runs every day in Vientiane, it is situated right beside the Mekong River. This market has pretty much anything and everything you could be looking to buy and is a very busy spot for tourists and locals. 

Shopping for souvenirs to bring for relatives back home, maybe you are shopping for some shoes, shirts, pants, shorts, belts, watches and sunglasses. Portable JBL speaker, headphones and other electronics are easy to be found at this night market. 

On the opposite side of the street you can find plenty of food stalls offering delicious items to eat! 

Also on the opposite side of the street you can find a great bar with a sort of hidden entrance, but if you can find the stairs to go up, you will have some amazing views of the night market from above, as well as the Mekong River, which you can also see Thailand on the other side of the river! So, if you are planning a vacation to looking to travel Vientiane, check out the Bor Pen Yang Bar, click here for the google maps directions.

From Vientiane, you can travel about 4 hours to the small city/village of Vang Vieng. You can take a van or bus from Vientiane for around 5 USD! Wow, cheap right? Vang Vieng is sort of a little backpacker town, and it is very easy to find a room for the night! Whether you are looking for a budget hostel, or maybe you are looking for a hotel, you can book ahead of time using this link or you can look for something once you arrive. 

Vang Vieng offers some amazing things to do, and all can be arranged straight from your hotel or hostel, as many groups of people are all doing the same things each day. So, what can you do? How about kayaking down a river surrounded by lush green mountains? How about party tubing? Yes, party tubing, this is a popular activity to do for the day. You probably are wondering what the hell is party tubing, sounds interesting, I want in! 

Similar to the kayaking on the river but you are in a big tube, you float down the river and along the river, a few crazy bars are waiting for the groups of people. you can either try and paddle your self to the shore, or someone will be throwing a rope out and you grab a hold of the rope and pull yourself into the riverbank. 
Once you have arrived at the first river bar the party starts, or maybe you already started the morning party before the tubing even began, (guilty of this). Each bar is just a giant party, filled with games, some offering flip-cup, beer-pong, and tons of booze, one bar even has a basketball court where you can show off your drunk basketball skills. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it!? Yeah, it really is, so, if you are in Vang Vieng, you MUST do this, if you don’t like to drink, hey float down the river and enjoy the scenery, it is beautiful! 

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