Koh Samet, A Small Island Paradise

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Koh Samet is a tiny island in Thailand’s Eastern seaboard, and is part of the province, Rayong.

Now, if you are unfamiliar with the area, like most are. Koh Samet is a fantastic little island, has many different beautiful beaches. The main beach can be quite busy and crowded with tourists. It is the easiest island to access from Bangkok. This beautiful island showcases tons of beautiful almost private like beaches.

If you are travelling from Bangkok, it would take you about 3 hours from Bangkok to the small city of Ban Phe. Ban Phe is a super small city with 3 different piers that offer ferry and speed boat service to and from the island every 30 minutes. From Pattaya you can arrive to Koh Samet in about 1.5 – 2 hours.

Koh Samet doesn’t stem too far away from the beaches for things to do, but it does have a fair amount of small and beautiful beaches around this small island. Some things that can be done through-out the day would include renting motorbike and cruising around the island, which all can be done in less than a day. The easiest way to see the many different beaches and spend the day beach hopping would be renting a motorbike for 24 hours for about 300 baht, approximately 10 USD. The island also offers some incredible viewpoints while cruising around on your rented motorbike.

Some other activities that can make for a lovely island adventure would include, traditional Thai style massages on the beach, foot massages and even hair braiding. How about some water sports? Kayaks and other floating devices can be rented as well for you to lounge around in the beautiful blue waters. Jet skis, parasailing and banana boat rides are also available at the main Sai Kaew Beach.

Where to eat.

Along the beach there are tons of restaurants and bars, you will also see beach chairs just littered along the beach. Perfect spot to chill out for a few hours and have some beers and enjoy the sun.

If you are looking for a spot to sit down and have lunch or dinner, it is not hard to find at all, I will recommend a few places, but once you are near the beach or on the beach you will see for yourself that restaurants and bars are everywhere!

Buddy Bar and Grill is a great spot with exceptional food right on the beach, Ploy Talay is also a great location.

Toks Restaurant and bar is a fantastic little beachside restaurant, also with beach loungers for rent as well, and it’s a little further down the beach and away from the crazy busy noise of Sai Kaew. If you head down the beach a little bit more you will run into Silversands, amazing food and good party at night time.

Where to Stay


If you are a budget backpacker looking to stay in a hostel dorm or private room for the night, hostelworld will show you some of the best deals and cheapest rates for Koh Samet.

Olly’s Hostel, very known by most people that have been to Koh Samet at least once. It offers private bathrooms and super cool sleeping area; you get your private pod in the wall. Super cool!

Runa Runa Guesthouse is also another nice hostel perfect for backpackers.
10 – 15 USD per night.


Some mid-level accommodation hotels can be found right here.

Toks, little huts is a cool spot right by the beach, you can be a family and rent a family bungalow, or get a normal bungalow for yourself or if you’re a couple these are perfect little places to stay and close to a couple of the good party spots too!
20 – 50 USD per night.


Now here I am going to show you one of my absolute favourite places to stay on the island, it’s quite pricey so if you are a backpacker on a budget this is probably going to be out of your price range.

Ao Prao Resort, on Ao Prao beach, is a beautiful private resort on a small very beautiful beach.
160 USD approx. per night.

You can find tons of different hotels and offers all price ranges but I just wanted to share my favourite one.

Price can vary on the island from:
15 – 180 USD per night.

Koh Samet has every kind of accommodation available and is not just an island for a single traveller or a couple but can easily be enjoyed as a family as well. With beautiful white sand beaches, and amazing food, Koh Samet can be enjoyed by any kind of traveller.

Nightlife on the island

Koh Samet offers a few great places to party, whether you found a great place to sit and enjoy buckets and beers all day while you go back and forth to the sea for a swim, night time will soon approach and when it does the main beach of Sai Kaew transforms.

You can enjoy a great dinner pretty much anywhere, but Play Talay restaurant and bar, will offer a spectacular fire show in the evening once the sun is down, Silversands also offers a great fire show! You’ve got to see it.

If you’re looking to make the night even later, Silversands Beach bar is a great busy place to chill out and enjoy plenty of drinks, and dance!

The more famous on the island which is maybe a 5- or 10-minute walk from Silversand is the famous Naga Bar! Perfect place for travellers and partiers, with the black lights and the unlimited neon paint, free for use to paint your body or have fun painting each other with some crazy designs. Naga Bar is a wonderful place to dance and drink buckets of liquor plenty of beer, and make bad decisions, just kidding, make good decisions everyone!

Well, after your first day and night on Koh Samet, what is there to do the next day? Not much really, except for chill out by the beach and partake in most of the same things you probably did before. Koh Samet because it’s a small island, the main thing to do is relax on the beach with a beer and work on your tan. If you’re interested in taking a boat trip, most vendors on the beach or even your hotel will offer some cool boat excursions where you can go island hopping for the day and snorkelling, or you can enjoy a sunset cruise as well.

Well, I hope you are planning your visit to Koh Samet soon! I know we will be back again soon! Lucky for me my home is 20 minutes away! So, if you find yourself reading this or heading to Koh Samet, drop us a comment, maybe we will see ya on the beach.


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