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Koh Chang is also known as Elephant Island. Not just because it has a lot of elephants on the island. The main reason why this is called elephant island is due to the shape of its headland! So keep reading to find out why you should visit Koh Chang Island.

This is one of the biggest islands in Thailand, actually the third biggest after Koh Samui, and Phuket. Koh Chang can easily be accessed from Bangkok, sitting about 300km east of Thailand’s capital city. Koh Chang is located in the Trat province extremely close to the Cambodian border. 

From lush green jungle-covered mountain terrain, beautiful bays, amazing waterfalls, sandy beaches, beach resorts to hostels. This island has plenty to offer to all different types of travellers. So, what are you waiting for, continue below to find out why you should visit Koh Chang island in Thailand.

So, as stated above, this island has plenty to offer all types of travellers, backpackers are found scattered around the island, of course, there are tons of hostels for travelling on a budget. Maybe you are a young couple looking to escape the busy city for a few days, not into staying in a hostel there are plenty of mid-range hotels in the area too. Koh Chang also offers a lot of luxury beach resorts as well! If you take a look at you can easily find well over 300 different properties on the island for every type of budget!

The best way to get to Koh Chang is by the big car ferry, you can drive your car on the ferry, or motorbike, or if you are travelling without transportation, yes you can walk on the ferry as well. But once you arrive on the island, having a car or renting a motorbike straight away is the best option, as the main part of Koh Chang is quite a distance from the pier.

What to do on Koh Chang

You will not run out of things to do on this beautiful tropical island. Whether you are just looking to relax on the beach and work on your tan while sipping on a few cocktails, that will easily be accomplished as there are a ton of different beaches around the island. If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous to do. Koh Chang offers plenty of waterfalls through-out the mountain terrains. Why not ride an elephant, yeah some people will say no, but that’s okay. The elephant trekking will give you some spectacular views as well, recommended!

You can also spend an afternoon on an ATV jungle adventure, some experience is recommended for this one, I mean it is easy, costly but so much fun! Kayaking is offered around many of the beaches, Golden beach was by far the best for this, the beach was a little quieter than some others, and the views from the water were incredible, so throw a beer or two in a kayak and go cruise around for an hour or two.

Once the sun goes down there are plenty of bars around to enjoy the night, actually most of the bars are open during the day as well! Once the sun is down the party will start around lonely beach with the bars being filled with all travellers, Himmel nightclub is a popular spot for partiers painting each other in fluorescent glow in the dark paint and drinking way too many super-strong buckets of liquor. So get out there and enjoy the night!

Where to stay on Koh Chang

The options are endless on Koh Chang with every type of accommodation available to suit every budget! will show you well over 300 different ideas, so click here to have a look.
KLKL Hostel is a great place if you’re on a budget, but it also has some decent private rooms too. This place is right by the lonely beach so the nightlife is around the corner, they have a pretty nice pool perfect to relax if you’re not into the beach scene.

Our favourite place to stay in is Mercure Koh Chang Hideaway. It has its little private beach, two nice sized pools great views. The staff here are excellent, and throughout the day you can sit by the pool take a swim, enjoy the lunch and drink specials they offer all day.
You can get these amazing fresh and oh so tasty BBQ skewers to enjoy, they are so good and can be cooked right in front of you or brought right to you in your lounger by the beach or pool.

One of the buildings for rooms is a little bit behind the beach, more secluded and offers some swim out rooms, yes you can walk out of your room sit on your balcony and jump into the pool! This was great! Mercure is a little more expensive. 

Now, the breakfast at this resort is amazing! I mean amazing; you have a few different options. Can order from a select menu which is still big portions, or opt-in for the all you can eat breakfast buffet, and the buffet is amazing, You will not be disappointed.

Koh Chang will give you a wide range of different daily activities for all to do, beautiful scenery, viewpoints nature and wildlife! Luxury hotels and resorts to hostels, so what are you waiting for? 
Visit Koh Chang today! 

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