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Cambodia is a must see for backpackers and all travellers as you explore Southeast Asia. A very under developed country, with some of the happiest people, most of which will greet you with a smile as you pass-by. Cambodia is known for its deserted white sand beaches, ancient temples, amazing food, super friendly people, oh and cheap beer! 
If you are visiting Cambodia, chances are you will be heading to Siem Reap, now thats where you will find the ancient temples Angkor Wat. 
Angkor Wat can not be seen completely in one day, I mean you can do a stop at most of the temples in one day, but if you really want to walk and explore the entirety of this wonderful day, you will need more than a 1-day pass.
Be sure to buy some water outside or pack your reusable water bottle. If you are visiting Angkor Wat on a sunny day you may even want to wear a hat. Be advised you can not enter any of the temples without some sleeves on your shirt and some shorts passed the knee.

Floating bridge entrance into the main Angkor Wat. The moment you truly start to see history in front of your eyes. 

There are many ways to spend your days in Cambodia. taking a stroll through the many stalls at the markets around town looking for souvenirs or buying some incredible hand made paintings (as you can see above).
Maybe you would be interested in taking am afternoon or sunset ATV adventure. Out side the main city of Siem Reap offers some amazing landscapes and why not cruise on an ATV.
These tours operate through out the day and can be done in either half day or full day tours. If the 4 and 8 hour tours are a little too long, don’t worry there are even shorter adventures you can do. Click here for some more information on pricing. 

Maybe you are interested in hitting up the casinos! If gambling is on your agenda for an afternoon or evening the casinos can be found directly at the Cambodia-Thailand borders. They can be a fun experience to walk into a casino in a Southeast Asian country. 

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