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Well, my name is Colten Sloan. I am a 30-year old dude from Canada!
I have been living in Thailand for 2 years while exploring the other beautiful countries that Southeast Asia has to offer.

I became addicted to travelling when I was younger and first started travelling the Caribbean Islands. So, I didn’t stop there, I kept going. I made a plan, or a goal you might say, to one day live somewhere tropical, not just go on holiday or vacation again, but truly live in a tropical location. 
So, here I am, living in beautiful Thailand for the past 2 years and living the dream, and now I am here to help you live yours, too!

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I knew there was more to life than just living a normal life, working a normal job, doing normal things. I wanted more, I wanted more experiences in life, I loved going to the Caribbean and had numerous amazing vacations to the tropical islands. Every time I went, I never wanted to leave, I wanted to find a way to stay. 

After a while, I found my self in Costa Rica, although an amazing country and an even more incredible experience, 3 months went by fast and there I was back home again. Back to working that normal job, doing the same normal things.
I wanted out, I wanted to live somewhere tropical and work on a new life. So, I packed what was now the important things I needed into a backpack, and off I went, to Thailand. That was 2 years ago, I did go home once for Christmas, but I am in love with the life of travelling and living abroad. 

I started teaching English and travelling freely, gaining knowledge, and gaining experience. I met a girl here in Thailand and we started travelling together and never stopped. 
We thought why not start a travel company and share our experience and information with other travellers! So, I became, we, and we invented JetSetterSloan.

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