A Short Trip To Bangkok

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Get ready, for JetSetterSloan to give you the best guide you will find online for a short trip to Bangkok.
With some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, lush green jungles, quiet remote villages, some of the most spectacular sunsets ever seen. Oh and who can forget about some of  the most delicious food ever!! Here is the #1 plan for a short trip to Bangkok.

Thailand has it all, it really does, well, except for snowy winters, but that’s not much to miss, am I right?
First let’s talk about your probably, first destination in Thailand, are you ready? C’mon let’s go! Here is your perfect plan for a short trip to Bangkok.

When you arrive in Thailand chances are you will land in Bangkok. It’s sort of the ground zero of Thailand, and chances are you will probably be arriving at the Suvarnabhumi airport (BKK).
From there, where will you go? What will you do? You need sleep, right? Jet lag should be kicking in, in the next day or so!

Let’s talk about some of the things to do once you get off the plane, go through the lovely immigration and passport control areas of BKK, (actually not so lovely at all).
Will you be going straight to another part of Thailand or spending a few days in Bangkok?
Bangkok really does have so many different things to offer, a million different things to do and see.
There are some beautiful, and I really do mean beautiful temples, a spectacular floating market, some of the biggest shopping malls around! Definitely need to check them out, they are a great way to escape the heat of Bangkok and also do some shopping, or window shopping.
If you are looking for nightlife, oh Bangkok has lots of that as well. Chances are you will spend at least one night or two checking out the world famous Khao San Road!

Khao San Road Bangkok, Thailand

Depending on the kind of traveller you are, Khao San has tons of hostels for backpackers and some also decent hotels. Just off of Khao San road are some more luxurious hotels. Price range does very from as little as 10 USD all the way up to hundreds of dollars a night.
I will talk about accommodation recommendations in another post soon to follow, don’t worry!

Before I go too far ahead, you must check out the temples in Bangkok. Like did you really even go to Bangkok if you didn’t go to Wat Pho or the Grand Palace!
Or if you love the wild jam packed street of Khao San road, some might say, did you really even go to Bangkok if you did not experience Khao San road.

Khao San road is excellent, filled with backpackers from all over the world, just starting their trip in Thailand. You can eat fried scorpions on a stick, or tarantulas, even grass hopers or crickets and all sorts of bugs. After slamming back a few buckets I’m sure you will indulge in a weirdly tasteless but crunchy scorpion. There are night clubs everywhere street bars, massage parlours. Oh, the massages are so cheap and will feel amazing!

Not only on khao San road, but so many other locations in Bangkok have wonderful, and I really do mean wonderful tasting street food! Pad Thai, fried rice, BBQ, amazing noodle/soup bowls.
I could talk forever about the food in Thailand, and I definitely will, just not right now!
If you are looking for a more romantic and luxurious evening, I would totally recommend doing an evening dinner cruise on the Chao Phraya River! Wow, one of the words I could use to describe it, along with beautiful, exceptional, a wonderous romantic experience.
Oh wait, it doesn’t have to be just a romantic evening with a loved one, you and the girls would definitely enjoy it, or you and the boys!

The buffet dinner is really to die for on these cruises, the food is impeccable, of course loaded with Thai food, western food, sushi stations, pasta stations.
There are also a live shows, quite amazing too I must say, strictly traditional Thailand style show, followed by more music from a fantastic live band.
As you cruise along the river enjoying for dinner, drinks and show, do not forget to look out at the amazing views. The lights of the giant hotels, condos and skyscrapers. The lights of the huge Asiatique market, with the giant Chang ferris wheel. You can easily go there once the cruise as finished and you disembark from your spectacular evening.

Chao Phraya River

Something else that is a pretty amazing sight to visit is the Chatuchak Weekend Market, it is the largest market in Bangkok by far, filled with over 15,000 vendors, has everything and I literally mean everything you could be searching for. Souvenirs, knock-off t-shirts, shorts, shoes, belts, hats and socks! Also we cannot forget about the loads and loads of delicious food up for grabs!

You must indulge, and try everything! The food is delicious! Well don’t really try absolutely everything, depending if you have allergies or not. And how do you do with spice?
And I don’t mean like hot sauce from your home country that you put on everything. I mean like SPICY! Thailand is known for its dried chilli peppers being loaded onto or into the mix of food while its cooking!
Let me tell you, that is some spicy stuff! You can easily just ask for not spicy or in Thai language just say (mai ped). They should understand, but honestly a lot of places will understand you in English anyways!

Let’s talk briefly about how you are going to be getting around in Bangkok, because there are many different modes of transportation.

Tuk-Tuks, are like little shuttles attached to motorbikes, trust me you will not miss them. The only thing about Tuk-Tuks, are the prices, if you don’t know how to bargain you could be in trouble, but they are safe and reliable.

Tuk-Tuk in Thailand

Songthaews, now those are pick-up trucks but stuffed with people in the back, usually quite cheap if you know where you are going as they usually have specific routes they stick to.

Motorbike taxi, are one of the best ways to get around because they can weave in and out of traffic with ease. They are generally pretty cheap as well, you will see them everywhere, they will be calling to you as they know you probably need a ride. You can spot them with the guys wearing an orange vest, usually hanging out in groups waiting for a passing customer in need of a quick ride somewhere.

Then there is Grab, or uber, I prefer Grab, its reliable, super safe, and you get a nice air-conditioned car for your ride. You will know the exact price before you even book the car, time of arrival the drivers name, licence plate number, (to make sure you get in the correct car)
The only downfall of using a car service, is the traffic. Traffic can be horrendous in Bangkok, but if you’re not on a time restriction or don’t mind sitting in an air-conditioned car looking at the views of Bangkok. Take the care, I insist!!

Now that your short trip to Bangkok is coming to an end, where are you off to next?
The possibilities are endless!
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Thanks everyone!!

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