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Top 3 Destinations


The land of smiles is truly an understatement, so come and see what all the fuss is about. See why Thailand is one of the most visited country in the entire world. With plenty to do and see with the nicest people you could meet while travelling abroad!


Known famously for one of the biggest temples I have ever seen, and did you know its actually plated with real gold? Estimated to be around 50 tonnes of gold is here. Its also known as Myanmars Fort Knox. Myanmar has a lot to offer, come and find out why you should visit.


Vietnam is knows for its true all around beauty, from beaches to buddhist pagodas, insane traffic in the beautiful busy cities. Vietnam is a well known hotspot for backpackers and all travellers alike. Vietnam is a wonderful place to visit or even retire if you're at that stage.

Are you looking for amazing travel tips or hacks to make your adventure more memorable and easy-going? Maybe you’re looking for some extensive travel guides to some cities you have never been to yet! You’ve come to the right place, with new posts being uploaded every week on new cities in Southeast Asia, you are sure to find the information you need. With over 2 years of non-stop travelling in Southeast Asia, we can offer our expertise you fellow travellers. Our goal at the end of every day is to continue writing more content in hopes of helping you to travel smarter, travel safer, and travel further! 
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Recent Posts

Visit Koh Chang Island

Visit Koh Chang Island in the province of Trat. This huge island offers fun for every type of budget, and more activities than you can find the time to do, waterfalls, kayaking, sandy beaches. Koh Chang has everything you could imagine to do on this adventure to this amazing island.

Koh Samet, A Small Island Paradise

Koh Samet may be a tiny island but it offers a ton of different things to do, its beautiful white sand beaches are a must see for anyone. This island is favoured for those living in Bangkok as the drive is only about 3 hours from the big city. Find out why this island is loved by many tourists.

A Short Trip To Bangkok

Bangkok is the most visited city in the whole world. If you have never been there, It can be easily overwhelming, bur you will soon see why it is the most visited city. Bangkok has any things to offer. You can stay busy from morning, until late at night, or the next morning if you fancy.

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